Celebrating a New State, a New Classroom and a New Blog Design with a FLASH SALE!

Hello again, long lost friends! I cannot believe that I have neglected my poor, little blog for so long! I do have some excuses, though, and I'm throwing a FLASH SALE as a New State, New Classroom and New Blog Design Celebration (you could also call it an "I'm sorry I've been gone for so long sale, haha!")!

Anyways, in the last few months, my husband and I sold our house and we both got new jobs in our home state of Indiana within about a two week period--talk about blessed! Now we have officially relocated to our temporary home with my sweet in-laws until we close on the purchase of our new home in July (fingers crossed!). Anyway, as things have been crazy--I hope I never move states with a dog, a cat, and two year old again--I apologize for being gone and hope you'll be glad to have a little summer sale in return.

This 20% Off FLASH SALE will run today through Friday!  A few of the items you might want to check out as you plan and organize for the new school year include...

I know I've got lots of organizing, unpacking, and planning to do! Here is a before picture of my new room!  Hope to be back soon with some progress and updates!


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