Dice, Dominoes, and Cards Galore! Math Workstation Freebies

As promised on my previous post, I've got some math goodies to share with you! Yes, I know, I should be posting all of my cutesy fall crafts, but I honestly haven't gotten to do ANY yet! Unbelievable, I know! But, I have one fun week ahead of me--bats, pumpkins, spiders, candy corn, and leaves galore! Until we get to all that excitement, here are some math goodies.
For the last few years, I've really wanted to teach math small groups, but I just haven't been able to manage it--or maybe I might have been too afraid to try managing it! This year, I decided I just had to jump in, or at least dip in my pretty little toesies! After reading and loving Debbie Diller's Math Workstations book, I have found that I {sadly}cannot make that method work in my classroom--not sure exactly why! Instead, I'm formatting my math workstations and small groups much like my reading--a little mix of Daily 5 inspiration and Debbie Diller, too!  So far, I'm loving it!
Here are some of the activities I've added to my dice/dominoes station. They include Roll the Dice Addition and Subtraction, Domino Addition and Subtraction, and Addition Bump!

I've also attempted a playing cards station, which has been really successful. I've been teaching the kiddos a new game a week, and they've been doing really well! They also use the posters below to brush up on the game rules in case they aren't sure...Just click to grab yours as well! The games include I Spy Addition, Addition War, Quick Draw, Tens Go Fish, and Tens Memory Match.

Here is one last freebie--my version of a domino parking lot :) Hope these can make math centers a little more fun in your classroom!
Hope to be back soon with some Fall Fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Singing the Word Wall Freebie

Pocket Full of Kinders is having a great Linky Party on Sight Words, so I thought I might as well link up and share a Freebie I've had hanging around :).

This year, I feel like I've finally gotten into a great routine for introducing and practicing sight words, so here is a quick synopsis. First, I introduce each day's words (usually 2-3 per day) using our chant. Basically, I say the chant quickly (it is never the exactly the same, which is great because it keeps the kiddos guessing!) and the students listen and respond as necessary.

I always start by saying, "Look at the word...say the word...spell the word." I pause in between to allow the students to do all of those things. Then I'll move onto things like "tap the word, trace the word, sing the word, whisper the word, write the word (on the ceiling, floor, your knee, etc...)."

Then we practice using the word in a sentence...I'll say, "Think of a sentence" (the kids touch their head and think of a sentence), "whisper your sentence" (they cup their hands and whisper their sentence to themselves), then "share your sentence" (they raise their hands to share). After a child shares a sentence, I'll say, "punctuate the sentence" and the students use hand signals to show the punctuation for each sentence shared. The whole process is super-quick and takes only a minute or two per word.

After the week's words have been introduced, we use songs or chants to review/practice the words. These songs have been found from various sources (I think Dr. Jean even has some on her cd's), so I just typed them up to post on my teaching easel for reference. Click on either picture to download the songs and a sample of our chant for introducing new words. :)

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out the rest of the Sight Words Party!


Math Anchor Posters (FREEBIE included...)

I cannot believe how long its been since I've blogged! I've been a very bad blogger, but definitely a very busy girl! I'm not sure how some of you super-bloggers do it--I'm barely keeping up with my duties as classroom teacher, team leader, mentor, practicum cooperating teacher, wife, and mommy. Any tips for keeping it all balanced would be greatly appreciated!! Anyways, even though I've been away from my blog, I've still been creating some things to share, so here is one quick one!

Drum roll, please...okay, they aren't that exciting, but hopefully useful for some of you!

These are my Addition and Subtraction Key Word Posters I'll be using over the next few weeks as we start mixing addition and subtraction story problems. We've already been using My Hands-on and Mental Math Strategy Posters for Addition, and my kiddos loved them so much that I just had to make Key Word Posters and some matching Subtraction Posters, too!  So, for those of you who requested them, the Subtraction Posters are now available in my TPT store! Just click the pics below to check them out!

Thanks so much for popping by my sometimes neglected blog! I promise to get a little better now that we're getting more settled into the school year.  Plus, I have more freebies to share for math workstations, so I'll be back soon! :)


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