First Blog Post!

Yay! I'm so excited to finally have a blog of my very own! I've been on Summer "break" for three weeks, and I cannot wait to get back into my classroom to set up and get ready for this next school year! Thus far, it has been a busy summer with my new baby girl and trying to get some school things done in between...Here is what I've done so far and what is left to do...
  • Made and Printed Daily 5 I-Can Charts, Stamina Graphs, and Student Icons
  • Printed oodles of wonderful math resources thanks to the ladies in the Math Workstations Book Study. Hopefully soon I can contribute some things too!
  • Created CAFE Chart Headings and Strategy Cards
  • Printed and Laminated Classroom Jobs Pocket Chart Icons
  • Read/reread several teacher books including my favorites on my shelfari
  • Created a scope and sequence for Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Made cute (and useful) charts and forms for Reading and Writing Conference Binders
  • Submitted two Donors Choose grants
  • Started a blog!

Still To Do

  • Set up classroom--Fun!
  • Create Writing Workshop Units for Small Moments and Pattern Books
  • Organize Math materials and get new workstation activities ready for the year
  • Update and print beginning of the year documents
  • Learn how to blog for real:)
  • Relax??

I am looking forward to trying some new things this year especially after taking a break for my maternity leave last year. I can't wait to share some of my adventures as I fully implement the CAFE assessment system into my Reading Workshop and conduct a full uninterrupted year of Writing Workshop. I can see big things in the future!

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