Fun with Olivia!

Last week, our basal story was Olivia, so we did a mini character study, and it was so much fun! (Even though I missed the first few days to strep throat-yuck!). I made these thinking maps for my students to use, and thought I'd share them with you! The students used the bubble maps to write adjectives describing Olivia.  They also used the class tree map headers and the student tree maps to organize their writing before writing descriptive pieces. (Sorry I don't have any in-class photos of those--the kiddos did those while I was out)  Click on each picture to download using google docs!

We wrapped up the week with Leslie Ann's cute Olivia craft! We added a mini foldable to the front of Olivia's dress focusing on one problem and solution in each child's favorite Olivia story.  I love how they turned out!

P.S. The Olivia image on the above documents was found for free online--it is not my own, nor is it for sale in any way.  The frame used is from PrintCandee. :)

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