Math Facts Practice: "Scoot" (Freebie) and "Math Telephone"

The last few weeks, my firsties and I have really been focusing on getting their math facts memorized--especially since we're moving on to harder skills where it is sooo important to know those facts in a flash! To make this basic skills practice a little more exciting, we've been trying out some new (maybe just new to me:) games in class.  My kiddos have always enjoyed doing whiteboard races and playing "Swat!," but those were getting a little old.

When I heard about the game, "Scoot," we just had to give it a try! The kids loved it right away, and I did too! Here is how you can play with your class...

First, number your students' desks...if your students' nametags already have their class numbers on them, you don't have to worry about this. 

Next, put a flashcard on each desk.  (Easy, peasy!)

Have the students solve the problem on their desk and record it on the corresponding numbered box on the recording sheet. 

Say, "Scoot," to signal that it is time to rotate to the next desk and solve the next problem in its corresponding box. 

When the students have rotated through every seat and solved every problem, check over the answer sheet with the whole class.  My kiddos really enjoy using a red crayon during this step to "be the teacher" as we share our answers.

Here is a quick freebie for you if you'd like to try "Scoot" in your class.  I made two different recording sheets--one for addition and one for subtraction.  It really helped speed up the game and keep my students' work neater to have the addition and subtraction symbols already in the table rather than just an empty box.  Just click the picture below to download!

We also tried a game of "Math Telephone," which was pretty fun and totally inspired by my favorite indoor recess game as a child!  I put the students in rows and gave them whiteboards.  Then, I held up a flashcard, and the person in the front of the row recorded and solved the problem while the other kiddos did the same on their boards.  When the first person in the row figured out the answer, they whispered it to the person behind them, who passed the answer back.  The last person in the row stood up and shared the answer aloud.  If they got it right, their team earned a point.  Then, everybody shifted up, so different kiddos would be responsible for solving and sharing the answer.  I liked this because it kept them all engaged, gave them a chance to talk with purpose, and got them moving, which was great for my wigglers!

What do you do for math facts practice?  I'd love to try some of your ideas out too!


  1. I've never heard of math telephone! Such a good idea. I love giving them chances for math talk. Thanks for sharing!

    Scoot is a lot of fun! I use it a lot with addition and subtraction worksheets, too- I just write each problem on an index card and then if there are more desks than problems, I add a few "ketchup" spots :)

    Thank you for the freebie!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Thank you - great idea with the maths telephone

  3. Thanks for the great math game ideas! I can't wait to try them!! What is swat?

  4. Swat is simple, too! Just write a bunch of numbers on the board. Show your students a flashcard and have them use a flyswatter to "swat" the answer on the board. We usually do it two at a time to see who gets the answer first.


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