Class Meeting Greetings in Action: A Video Round-Up

Are you looking for some new greetings to spice up your daily class meetings? Here are some awesome examples of Class or Morning Meeting Greetings in action!

1. My name is ___ and I can do this! Love this greeting! Students individually introduce themselves and perform a unique action. The rest of the class repeats and mirrors the action.

2. Dice Greeting. Instead of greeting their direct neighbor, have students roll a die then greet the student sitting that number of spaces away from them.

Knock, Knock. Great call and response greeting for practicing individual speaking skills in front of a group!

One-Minute Greeting. Quick, simple, and to the point. Find a partner, look them in the eye, greet them by name, and shake their hand.

Pass It Around. Students sit in a circle and pass a special item while greeting their neighbors. Would be fun to use themed items throughout the year!

Partner Skills Match. Students are randomly given sets of matching partner cards, such as fractions and pictorial representations. Students find and greet their match before returning to the circle. Love how this could incorporate so many different learning skills!

Hope these have inspired you to shake things up with your Class or Morning Meetings! If you have any favorite greetings that you use with your class, please share them! My students and I always love to try new ones!

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  7. Love the Pass It Around greeting! My preschoolers will like using that one to interact with an item that relates to our current learning. And I always need new greetings. One of their favorites is the butter churn. That one and the elevator greeting also require them to pattern, which is an important skill in addition to being fun and silly.

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