Shopping Withdrawal and More Oceans...(Freebie)

Wow! The last three days have been so much fun with all of the freebies from the Jackpot, plus shopping till I couldn't shop any longer during the TPT sale...I think I'm going through a little bit of shopping withdrawal today.  Which means, I just might have added a few more things to my wishlist after seeing all the goodies everyone else bought!

This week, we've been continuing our oceans unit, and my kiddos are really enjoying their time as marine biologists! After studying different types of marine biologists on this really cool website, my students filled out job applications to become marine biologists (and to pick their animal to study). Then, we put on our pinterest-inspired scuba gear and dove into our research!

We took trips to the library and to the computer lab to do some researching on PebbleGo, and the kids have been working on their All About Books the last few days.  Hopefully we'll get them published early next week--Time seems to be rushing by and we've still got so much to do! Yikes!

Another oceans activity that went well this week was a quick sink or float experiment that seemed to really amaze my class. I got the idea for it a few years ago here, and I just updated the graphic organizer to go along with it. Click the picture to download it for FREE:).

All you need to do is prepare two bowls of water--one fresh and one very salty. Then, have the students place the items in the bowls and record if they sink or float. My kiddos were all amazed to see that the crayon sunk in the fresh water and floated in the salt. The starburst was also a tricky one. It floated for a bit in the saltwater, then it sunk!

Well, I'm off to bed early because tomorrow is my second-to-last day of 6:40am bus duty! Have a good one!


  1. Thanks for the freebie! And, I lOVE your scuba divers! So cute!!


  2. Your scuba divers are so cute! I love the salt water, fresh water sink/float activity!

  3. Thanks so much for the sink or float activity sheet!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Thanks for the freebie! I am your newest follower. I just found your site when searching for marine habitats.
    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  5. I love this!!! Where is the marine biologist job application? I would love a copy of that.

  6. We're teaching oceans this week & I really want to do this but when I tested it out my marshmallows & crayons floated... Any suggestions?

  7. Very cute ideas! Do you have your marine biologist application available to purchase?

  8. Is your marine biologist application form available? I don't see anywhere to click on one.

  9. I would love to have it too! Thanks

  10. How did you make the marine biologist so everyone's is the same?

  11. I love your marine biologist application form. Is it still available?

  12. Is the application still available? I would love this activity for our ocean themed right to read week!



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