My Summer Bucket List...Only 9 More Days!

Yesterday was my last day of morning duty for the year, and I'm so thrilled to be done with that for a few months! I love my kiddos, but I do not love watching them eat cocoa puffs with blueberry flavored milk at 6:45 in the morning!  Only 9 days left, and I'm getting excited for summer! So, I'm linking up with my "Summer Bucket List!"
First, do some serious playing! I am so looking forward to just having some fun with my girl! I cannot believe she is officially a toddler already!

Second, do some sewing and embroidering...and headband making! My sewing/embroidery machine is starting to miss me! And I think my Miss Ellie would look too cute in this:)

Third, learn how to use the fancy schmancy camera my husband bought me last year. The plan was to learn before Elliotte arrived...that didn't happen and I've been winging it for the last 15 months. Its time to take a photography class and practice, practice, practice!

Also, I want to read a couple of professional books including Small Group Reading Instruction,

And Conscious Discipline (the wonderful Conscious Discipline posts on Heather's First Grade Heart, have me dreaming of a better classroom community...)

In between all those things, I'm hoping to update some classroom files, relax with my husband and take a few trips home to Indiana to visit family! What are you gonna be up to? Click on over to share and link up!


  1. Ellie is such a pretty name!! Thank you for joining our party!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I LOVE that embroidering and photography are on both of our Summer Bucket Lists! :) I pinned the 31 Days to a Better Photo and am so pumped to play around with it this summer! :) Thanks for your comment!

    Kelli :)
    Castles and Crayons

  3. I am excited to look at the photo blog-thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your summer!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  4. Love your bucket list! I will also be doing a lot of toddler activities. Maybe we could share ones that are successful with each other. Anyways, I'm your newest follower and can't believe you are almost finished.

    The Teacher's Backpack

  5. I can not tell you how much I recommend the Tyner book! Her method of small group instruction is WONDERFUL!! It is very structured and works....I have kindergarten kids reading on Level 15 books (I think that corresponds to a Level H?).
    Mrs. Plant's Press

  6. Wow, Vickie! Level H is awesome! I would love to have those kiddos in my first grade class as most of mine come in reading at A to maybe D. I think I'm going to like the book as I already teach guided reading and word study together...hopefully this will help me with a little more structure as I felt like I was basically winging it!

  7. At my school we have started to use conscious discipline, we had a workshop focusing on it about 2 months ago. I might just have to read that book this summer.

  8. Oooohhhh, a new book to check out. Most of my kiddos come on an A or a 1. I would pass out on the ground if I had a level 15!

    I am so happy you are planning on reading the CD is amazing! =)

    Heather's Heart

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